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Eclectic Woodchuck

Sunflower Batik Note Card

Sunflower Batik Note Card

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The sunflower is a delightful flower that turns through the day to always face the sun.

Our bestselling batik note cards are popular not only as a traditional card, but are often framed as art.

Handmade in Nepal.

In Nepal, leprosy has been eradicated, but the stigma remains. Those cured, and their families, are still seen as unclean. They earn a living making batik art, a process requiring multiple steps of dying and waxing cotton fabric.

Batik cotton and paper card Includes sticker for closure

Each card individually wrapped

Blank inside

Due to hand drawn process, each will have variations

*WFTO member*

Made by hand is uniquely beautiful. Our products are made by humans, not mass produced on automated machines. Minor imperfections and variations are to be expected as a characteristic of the artistry. Please appreciate these individualities for what they are, a maker pouring their heart and soul into a unique and beautiful piece of work.

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