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Sobo Arts

Sobho Earrings Little Trees

Sobho Earrings Little Trees

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Trees represent life! They remind us that we have roots and need to remain grounded to nourish our purpose. They remind us to move and respond to our surroundings, like the branches, and to breathe, like the leaves. Wearing or gifting these little trees is a way to bring this awareness to our every day.

Reclaimed metal earrings matching the designer necklaces in the Sobho collection. These earrings wear well on their own, in combination with the reclaimed metal necklaces, or in combination with reclaimed horn. Silver plated earrings hooks, with back holders to stay secure. 1.25" or 3.5 cm long.

Sobo Sehloho is the head artist maker for the line of reclaimed metal jewelry. He is deeply committed to developing artistic skills and appreciation in the community of Morija and is training others in his craft as well as organizing a community gallery space and workshop center. Sobo works in Lesotho, an autonomous mountain kingdom, completely surrounded by South Africa. World Peaces is committed to supporting the development of an artists network and community in Lesotho, as well as the promotion of Lesotho as a unique and vibrant place in Africa and the world.

Made in Lesotho.

1.25" or 3.5 cm long.

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