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Zotter Chocolates

Raspberry and Coconut Vegan (Labooko)

Raspberry and Coconut Vegan (Labooko)

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Exotic, fruity and entirely vegan: a genius creation by Julia Zotter, mixed from a white coconut couverture and many many raspberries. Its stunning color and yummy flavor are derived entirely from berries and toasted coconut flakes. It’s enhanced with a dash of lemon and finished by blending it with a tender-melting, pure cocoa butter. Our fruity and vegan chocolate innovation presents with a natural and intense fresh raspberry aroma, in fragrance as well as in flavor. Mild notes of coconut and citrus play well with the main raspberry focus. On the palate, the genuine, tangy-sweet raspberry flavor will remain. Sweet caramel notes of raw cane sugar will give an aroma akin to a sublime berry preserve. Fragrance notes: intense raspberry aroma, mild notes of coconut, hints of lemon. Taste notes: tangy-sweet raspberry notes, raspberry preserves, hints of coconut milk and lemon.
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