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Riverview Sewing Group

Quilted Patchwork Apron

Quilted Patchwork Apron

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Does cooking calm you? Make you joyful? Help you feel grateful? We think creating and sharing food is one of the most foundational aspects of living together in community. This patchwork apron made with African wax print fabrics celebrates the opportunity to make and share food, and to allow that process to feed our souls. Features a front pocket, ties behind the body. Ankara Patchwork Made in Ghana, aprons sewn by Riverview Sewing Group.

Each one is made with a unique selection of fabrics. Picture indicates one example, but colors and block sizes vary on each apron.

28.5" long and 24" wide. The tie pulls through from the neck to the waist, so people of any height or size can adjust according to their comfort.

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A Fair Trade product brought to you by World Peaces

because peace is something we create together

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