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Nortey Kumasi

Peace Sign Earrings

Peace Sign Earrings

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Lost wax cast brass peace sign earrings, no on brass ear wires. Each pair is handcrafted; the intrinsic process incorporates textures by design. 

Made in Kumasi, Ghana in a family workshop committed to this artistic tradition.

Made in a family workshop, this pendant is handcrafted in the lost wax cast brass tradition. Each piece is first formed in beeswax, then covered in hard clay. The clay pieces are heated in a handmade stone oven and the brass is poured into the void created by the melted beeswax. Called "lost wax" because the wax melts out during the casting process.

Made in Ghana, West Africa, a country known for its significance to the collective identity of the African diaspora. #beyondthereturn

1" earring length (1 1/2" with hook).

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A Fair Trade product brought to you by World Peaces

because peace is something we create together

thanks to you