Oware Game

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Artisan Information:Aburi Craft Village
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Oware is a Mancala variant (a so-called sowing game). Oware is being played (in different variants) in Africa, from Senegal to Gabon. These rules are taken from turnbyturn.com, using the rules for the abapa variation, considered to be the most appropriate for serious, adult play. The object of the board game is to capture more seeds than one's opponent. Since the game has only 48 seeds, capturing 25 is sufficient to accomplish this. Since there are an even number of seeds, it is possible for the game to end in a draw, where each player has captured 24.

Measures 16"x2" when closed.

These oware games are handmade in Ghana. Find the rules, thanks to turnbyturn.com, in the images. 

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