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Musicians T-Shirt

Musicians T-Shirt

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Graphics are back in! This modern tee design is a piece of art. With an aesthetic the likes of Banksy, this accessory has the trend appeal to spice up your wardrobe, while supporting a good cause and not breaking the bank!

One of the most important experiences people can have in Ghana is with creative expression, including music and dance. Drumming is sacred, social, and central to marking many important events. I think of Ghana as holding the beat for the world – keeping rhythm central so we all can walk, move and shimmy. We worked with a visual artist on paintings specifically intended to express this vibrancy. This t-shirt is meant to translate this feeling visually. When you wear it, feel free to step with swagger, shimmy when inspired, and stand tall as the beat moves through you. 

Unisex Sizing

These shirts were made by Allmade, a company dedicated to improving living conditions for families and children in Haiti. To learn more about the shirt that our design was printed on, visit

Screenprinting by Leber Design & Print in Columbus, Ohio, USA.

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A Fair Trade product brought to you by World Peaces

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