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Riverview Sewing Group



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Waxprint fabric keychain. Made in USA by Women in the Immigrant and Refugee Women in the Riverview Sewing Group, with fabrics from

This artisan keychain is made in the USA and features a patchwork of vibrant fabrics, sourced from Ghana in West Africa. Sustainable and measuring 5-7", it's the perfect way to add a unique and eye-catching flair to your keyring.


Dimensions: 5"-7"

Made of patchwork fabrics, re-stitched Ankara wax print pieces from Ghana are reclaimed from tailoring. The colors are bright, the patterns are diverse, the pieces are all different shapes and sizes. They represent all of us. As we restitch them, we create a metaphor for the ways that we can imagine healing our separations, our inequalities, our judgements. We can come together, different than we were before, made whole by connecting.  

The Riverview Sewing Group, formed by a group of immigrants here in Columbus, Ohio, who come together to sew and connect with one another, have embraced these fabrics. The group engages with people from Africa, Asia and Latin America, so their collective spirit resonates with the intentions and purpose of World Peaces. Fair Trade has always been about connecting with people through creativity, primarily in developing countries, but wherever we find ourselves in need of development. I think these geographies are less about country borders and more about the places and people that have borne the brunt of the world’s judgement and neglect. Connecting with these people can make your heart sing, and those connections offer hope for creating a better world. 

The patchwork products feel quintessential to our core mission, and using them feels joyful. We have a lovely selection of them in the store and are imagining new and interesting useful and joyful products from patchwork fabrics. We hope you love them. 

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A Fair Trade product brought to you by World Peaces

because peace is something we create together

thanks to you