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Kente Talking Drum 10" - J0143

Kente Talking Drum 10" - J0143

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Pre-order Note: use the Pre-order option for Summer Market discounts. The goods are in transit but not yet in stock. We will try to ship before our August vacation, or upon our return. It's true, you can make this drum 'talk'. Dondo drums are still used for communication and celebration in Africa - like Morse code! Or I should say, Morse code was like the talking drum! Compressing the strings, usually under one arm, enables a wide range of sound or pitch - like the human voice! Includes cool, curved stick. 18" height x 7" heads. Artisan Note: We lost contact with Ibrahim, the long time producer of Talking Drums for Jamtown. We travelled to Kumasi and found him on a bench in the location of his former workshop, which had been removed by the city for other development (see photo.) Remarkable stroke of luck for us and for his family to because we are one of his only commercial customers.
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