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Aburi Craft Village

Hand Carved African Elephant Mask, Made in Ghana

Hand Carved African Elephant Mask, Made in Ghana

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Elephants are much-beloved for their incredible stature and loyal, strong family bonds. They inspire us to strengthen our bonds with our loved ones, to be bold and clear in our identities and to have the courage to start fresh projects and stages in our lives knowing we have our herd with us. Decorate your home or gift a beautiful elephant mask in the spirit of courage, loyalty and strength.


Each elephant mask is hand carved with reclaimed sese wood from Ghana, with a hand-hammered metal detail on the forehead. Every elephant has its own personality and shape based on the carver's interpretation of the wood. 


Made in Ghana, West Africa, a country known for its significance to the collective identity of the African diaspora. Carved in Aburi at the Aburi Craft Village. World Peaces supports the ongoing creation and promotion of a gallery space and website for the 150 crafters that make up this community. 


Sizes range from 8.5" -21.5" from ear to trunk end. Widths run about 5", depth is 2-2.5". Hangs with a loop on the back. Weight is .5lb-1.75lbs.


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