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Zotter Chocolates

For the Most Amazing Mom Ever! NEW (Hand-scooped Chocolate)

For the Most Amazing Mom Ever! NEW (Hand-scooped Chocolate)

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Milk Chocolate 40% filled with rose marzipan and raspberry ganache A berry and flowery chocolate to warm your Mom's heart: a fragrant and soft rose marzipan made with almond marzipan, rose oil, and rosewater is placed on top of a tempting red raspberry fruit ganache, made with real raspberries and delightful raspberry couverture. The gorgeous color and fruity flavor are derived entirely from natural berries. The lovely creation is coated in sweet milk chocolate with a 40% cacao content. Please note: These hand-scooped, filled chocolate bars contain fresh fillings. They don't need to be refrigerated, but the shelf life is limited. We guarantee a best-before date stamp of at least 2 months at arrival at your location. It can be more - 2 Months is just the minimum.
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