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Nemi Snacks

Chile Turmeric - Crunchy Nopales Cactus Nemi Snacks

Chile Turmeric - Crunchy Nopales Cactus Nemi Snacks

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Nemi Snacks redefines the snacking experience with its range of plant-based snacks, combining a crunchy texture with rich, Mexican-inspired flavors. Our mission is to elevate Latin cultura through better-for-you snacks with sombrero-free branding. Our snacks are a treat for your palate y a celebration of tradition and modern health-conscious choices. Our crunchy sticks are crafted from nopales, also known as prickly pear cactus, and a mix of wholesome seeds, creating a unique, nutritious snacking option. Each flavor is a homage to the vibrancy of Mexican cuisine, using mercado-fresh spices and chiles sourced directly from farmers. Free from artificial colors, flavors, and common allergens, our gluten-free and vegan offerings are designed to suit a variety of dietary preferences. The Chile Turmeric variety, in particular, is a perfect blend of zesty chiles and a gentle touch of turmeric offering just the right amount of heat to entice your taste buds and keep you reaching for más!
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