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Baby Turtle Wingo Shaker Instrument

Baby Turtle Wingo Shaker Instrument

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Made from the nut of the Wingo tree, each turtle shaker is hand-carved in a Shibipo-Coniba indigenous peoples inspired design. Beans are added for a sweet shake-shaker-shake. Listen to this instrument. No wrong way to play! Exploration is part of the fun.

Hand-carved, all natural materials

Country of Origin Peru

Accreditation Fair Trade

Skill Level  Beginner S

ound Index Quiet

Vegan Yes

Baby: 3.5 X 1.5 Inches 

Materials Wingo Nut | Balsa Wood Base | Seeds Inside

Age 3 Years and Upwards Handmade

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A Fair Trade product brought to you by World Peaces

because peace is something we create together

thanks to you