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Wearing signals of personal and collective power is a great way to reinforce identity and stay positive. These rings come gold or silver plated and 5 different symbols. Generally sized 10, the rings can either be adjusted once to a specific size or a ring size adjuster can be included with your order.

Adinkra symbols were designed by the Akan people in the early 1800s in Ghana and Cote d'Ivoire and are intended to reflect on greater meanings of life and death, wisdom and human behavior. Here are short descriptions of each design.

Gye Nyame (GM1G): This is perhaps the most pervasive of the Adinkra symbols. Pronounced "JING-Nya-Mey", it refers to the omnipotency of God and points to all people serving one supreme being.

Afena, the 2 swords (GM1A): The State Ceremonial Sword is intended to confer honor to those who have served their people.

Heart - Sankofa (GM1S): "Return and Take it" - This heart allows for healing through the repair of mistakes.

Comb (GM1C): The Comb is the representational symbol, referring to the comb we use in our hair. Our identities are often wrapped up in the ways we groom and present ourselves to the world.

Aya - the Fern (GM1F): "I am not afraid of you". We are reminded to hold our power and face the world without fear.

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