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Adinkra symbol poster

Adinkra symbol poster

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This Adinkra symbols poster will help you learn the meanings of the symbols and collect them in brass for jewelry, wall decor or other meaningful uses.  Add meaning and good wishes into all your daily activities with these symbols rooted in ancient African traditions.

Top material reads:

Tradition has it that Adinkra, a famous king of Gyaman (now Ivory Coast), angered the Asantehene, Bonsu-Panin by trying to copy the Golden Stool. Adinkra was defeated and slain in an ensuing war. It has been suggested that the art of Adinkra came from Gyaman. It is also significant that Adinkra means farewell or goodbye, hence the use of the special cloth on funeral occasions (ayie), to say goodbye to the departed.

”Adinkra aduru” (Adinkra medicine), the stuff used in the stamping process is prepared by boiling the bark of “Badie” together with iron slags. Originally the printing was done on cotton piece lying on the ground. Today raised platforms with slack covering act as the printing table. The designs, cut on pieces of calabash with pieces of wood attached for handling, are dipped into the stuff, then stamped onto the cloth. Adinkra clothes are not meant to be washed.

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