As I travel around the world, I am often awed by the changes in the quality of light, the way that light affects color and my perception of the world around me. I find that I am not alone in that awe, that many cultures around the world celebrate color in a way that is life-affirming and joyous.

I sometimes wonder if the tendency to use neutral colors in the West is a reflection of fear of culture, a desire to be invisible, to blend in, to hide one's identity. Looking to Africa, Latin America and Asia for inspiration is a way to find examples of cultural expression that embrace color, and also joy.

I am inspired by the opportunity to reveal and celebrate identities through colorful expression, in fashion, in accessories, in decor, in skin colors, in ways of being in the world. I look for ways to do this in product development, to sample bites of color without overwhelming the taste bud, to revel in a tone.

Ru Paul said, "The whole point is to live life and be - to use all the colors in the crayon box." That statement really is a call to action, a call to embrace our personal identities and to express them in all their eccentricity, just as we are, just as you already do. And for this I thank you.

Whether you are a Fair Trade or ethical boutique store owner, a buyer for a bigger brand, or an ethical consumer, I see you and your celebration of color, and identity. I recognize how you express yourselves in your social media, your store displays, your outfits. These expressions are your contribution to making the world a brighter and lighter place, a utopia of optimism and celebration of difference, of all the hues and tones and shades in the color wheel.

You make World Peaces a brand that can realize the mission embedded in our name. Your contribution, through purchasing products from Lesotho, Bolivia, Ghana or Mexico, shows how you embrace those who may be far away in miles, but whose identities merit celebration. You are the painter, the one who brings the colors out for your community to see. And for this we are grateful. World Peaces on Earth, thanks to you.


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