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Krobo Beads Association

Rainbow recycled glass beads

Rainbow recycled glass beads

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Creatives the world over appreciate the care and attention put into making recycled glass beads. Ghana does not have a centralized way to recycle glass so communities have invented incredible ways to make beads from used bottles.

Glass bottles are smashed using a large metal mortar and pestle, then the powder is poured into handmade concrete molds, with sticks serving as a placeholder for the holes. They are then fired in handmade kiln ovens. Beads are cooled, polished and strung on thread strands to send to market.

The Krobo Beads Association in the Eastern Region of Ghana works to connect makers with markets and to welcome buyers and visitors to their community to develop relationships and understand the craft of bead-making first hand.

Made in Ghana.

These rainbow strands have 40-45 beads and are 1/2" diameter with 1/8th inch (approximately) hole opening.

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