Rainbow Rattle

Rainbow Rattle

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Artisan Information:Silk Road Bazaar
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Share your pride with these knit rattles! A soft, safe, durable rattle is hand knit by women in Kyrgyzstan.


In 1996 Gulnara Kyrdyrmyshova incorporated “Kork, Fiber Art Group.” At that time many artists faced unemployment and required a place to express their talents. Kydyrmyshova recognized this and quickly organized “Kork, Fiber Art Group” to provide local artists with an outlet to sell their works.

“Kork, Fiber Art Group” has helped to sustain interest in the arts, provide artists with employment, and kept the tradition of felting alive during times of severe poverty and economic depression. Kyrdyrmyshova and her associated artists have a deep interest in the encouragement and integration of traditional Kyrgyz design and patterns in their artwork as well as educating people about their history of felt.

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