Map ornament

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Artisan Information:Women Crafting Change
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This lovely Columbus map ornament celebrates your love of your homeplace along with the good provided by supporting women in the community.

Women Crafting Change brings together women of various immigrant and socioeconomic communities to collectively work on art projects. Our program is focused on providing women with creative and practical job training through the creation and production of hand crafts.

Low-income populations tend to be isolated, which can be detrimental to the social fabric of the entire community. We believe that creative expression through art has the ability to dissolve boundaries and opens communication channels. Coming together to work on art projects, socialize across ethnic and cultural boundaries builds connections that have the potential to transform these isolated communities into one.   

Our program works with the women to develop unique, marketable crafts from sustainable and reclaimed materials. The participants co-develop unique, marketable crafts that are sold around the Columbus area, to support the women who make them.

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