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Berry Blast Elixir

Berry Blast Elixir

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This elderberry-and-then-some elixir was called "Stop the Crud" at Boline Apothecary. It was wildly popular for saving families all over Columbus from the dreaded back-to-school and winter crud.

Elderberry works better than Tamiflu at reducing the severity and duration of influenza type viruses. Thyme kills more viruses and bacteria than bleach in lab studies. And Aronia berry is high in vitamin C, which is essential for a healthy immune system. Put all three together, and well- you have Berry Blast!

This product can be taken as a remedy or a tonic. To read more on tonic herbalism, click here.

***Note*** Elderberry, while awesome for standard influenza, is possibly less so for COVID-19. That virus is a different beast that we are still gathering information on. If you are looking for prevention of crud, Elderberry products are great. If you are looking for treatment of influenza, Elderberry is great. If you fear you have or are positive that you have Covid-19, Please purchase Crud Killer instead, which is a broader formula.**

Berry Blast comes in 8 oz. bottles.

Ingredients (locally sourced whenever possible): Water, Alcohol (GF), Elderberries*, Thyme*, Aronia* berries, Astragalus*, Raw local honey* (*organic).
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