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This is a formula of adaptogens (hence the name). Adaptogens are safe herbs (in Chinese medicine they are often called Supreme herbs) that most people can take, regardless of their condition or current set of medicines. 

Taking adaptogens results in the stabilization of physiological processes and promotion of a healthy homeostasis (for example, decreased cellular sensitivity to stress). They often strengthen the adrenal system and each adaptogen has an affinity for at least one other system, too. The adrenals help us cope with stress and change and when we strengthen them, we don’t get burned out.

This formula is great for folks with endocrine, auto-immune, and emotional issues to take as a tonic. To read more about tonic herbalism, click here.
Adapt! comes in one and four ounce amber dropper bottles, about 30 doses per ounce.

Ingredients (locally sourced whenever possible): Alcohol (GF), Water, Ginseng*, Ashwaganda*, Reishi* (*indicates organic)

How to Use:
Start with 30 drops (a half dropper, which is easy to obtain by squeezing the bulb). Some people may need to double this, others will not based on body mass, metabolism, and other factors. We recommend starting with regular doses in the morning and again before dinner as a starting point.

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