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Farmhouse Chocolates

38% Organic Milk Chocolate Bar w/ Orange & Alaskan Sea Salt

38% Organic Milk Chocolate Bar w/ Orange & Alaskan Sea Salt

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This is not just a chocolate bar. This is an invitation to slow down.

3 oz Organic, Fair Trade, Soy Free Silky, light 38% milk chocolate (blended origin, certified organic & fair trade) sprinkled w/ organic dried orange bits & Alaska Pure sea salt & infused with organic orange oil. S

weet, salty & bright: addictive!

The tablet style bar allows you to break off small or large pieces. Featuring a textured, off-white kraft box (inside the bar is wrapped in sky-blue foil, making the packaging 100% recyclable and plastic-free), w/ delicate botanical drawings, the visual shelf appeal beautifully communicates the quality & pleasure of the chocolate inside. Shelf life: 1 year Storage: Between 55 & 70 degrees, with few fluctuations in temp., no direct exposure to sunlight or heat. 

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A Fair Trade product brought to you by World Peaces

because peace is something we create together

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