Bolga Basket Shopper

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Artisan Information:Bolgatanga Women's Coop
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Fancy basket shopper from Northern Ghana. Can be dipped in warm water and reshaped as needed. Leather handles.

Product Features

  • Handcrafted
  • Fair Trade
  • Materials: elephant grass fiber and vegetable tanned leather
  • Dimensions: 14”diameter x 8” high (round), 21”long x 8” wide x 17”high (youth shopper)

World Peaces is committed to environmental sustainability as well as beautiful, functional creations. This basket, made in the Northern Bolgatanga region of Ghana, uses the desert elephant grass and vegetable tanned leather and comes to you in from the local makers, women and men, who pair up to weave and finish these baskets, each with their specialty. Income from baskets provides important income, particularly during the dry season when resources are scarce.

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