Variety Lip Balm - Pack of 6

Variety Lip Balm - Pack of 6

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Enjoy our six lip-soothing, organic, Fair Trade flavors.

Lemongrass: If your lips could kiss you, they would!

Original: This lip balm has a wild gingery lemongrass flavor with organically grown, Fair Trade ingredients you will totally fall for.

Tangerine: This tart, the tangy balm will have your lips doing the twist and shout!

Wild Rose: Don’t let cracked lips be a thorn in your side! You’ll go wild for this sweet, floral balm.

Sweet Basil: The balm for the curious! A perfectly intriguing blend of sweet and spicy, a delightful herb garden in your palm.

Suncare: Shield your lips from the harmful one-two punch of uva and UVB rays!

Honeybalm: So tasty, you might just eat it. Honey, a humectant, naturally absorbs the moisture around it to keep your lips truly hydrated. Soft and soothing, with Honeybalm say goodbye to dry, cracked skin and hello to happy lips.

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